Accu-Load Ltd. is a specialised manufacturing company, exclusively producing SPC-4 BoltTM digital and MAX-BoltTM mechanical load sensing bolts and fasteners. The company serves a wide range of industries which require a high level of safety and accurately monitorable bolt loads. Based in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom and with a worldwide customer base, the company has an innovative and dynamic approach to the problem of gauging bolt loading under tension.

The goal of Accu-Load Ltd. is to provide their customers with the highest quality state-of-the-art fasteners and bolts and offer a professional service. Their manufacturing experience and innovative ideas are directed towards continuous improvement of the bolting installation process for their customers. The company is constantly developing new technology to help their customers find the best solutions for optimizing the integrity of the bolted joint.

Mechanical Load Sensing Bolts

Accu-Load Ltd.'s MAX-BoltTM technology uses an in-built mechanical gauge which continuously displays the amount of tension the bolt or stud is under. The system offers a simple method for accurate joint assembly and is the only product available which will continuously monitor clamping force while the fastener is in service. The Max-BoltTM range is suitable in all construction and engineering applications, particularly when it comes to high vibration environments.

Digital Load Sensing Bolts

In situations where the mechanical product is unsuitable, Accu-Load Ltd.'s SPC4-BoltTM range of fasteners can be used. This type of product features a precision-machined gauge pin fitted into the fastener. When the bolt is under tension, the gauge pin stretches and the displacement can be used to calculate the loading when measured using the company's range of digital monitoring equipment. The high quality, precision manufacture ensures bolt integrity at all times, making the SPC4-BoltTM ideal for structural applications, foundation bolting and commercial vehicle wheel studs.